D's Story of Freedom

My Binge Eating Disorder started when I was in my early teens. At that time, the fact that my parents talked about weight loss and commented about people's appearance (although never toward me) made me self-conscious about my weight and want to diet. That lead me to the Binge Eating cycle, where I would restrict during the day and binge or overeat almost everyday at night, and finish by using laxative. That period lasted until the end of high school and started again 2 years ago.

In summer 2015, I lost weight because I started doing a lot of biking in the city (which I enjoy), and felt really good about it. In order to maintain the weight or to keep losing more, I started to control what I ate. I would count the calories to make sure that I went to bed hungry. I even created a daily calorie limit for myself (funny for me now). Following that, I continued to lose weight for one year until fall 2016, when I started to Binge Eat again.

At the beginning, it didn't affect much my life because I Binge Eat once a week or 2 weeks, I could "cope" with that (I made sure to eat much less the next days and my weight stayed the same).

In August 2017, coming back from a trip (where I restricted a lot), my episode of Binge Eating became more frequent (3 times a week). That is where I started to attach much more meanings and emotions to this habit. On one hand, food has a capital importance in my life. For example, if I go out to eat with friends or my boyfriend, I will make to to choose the "best" restaurant or meal. I would look at the menu way before going, and even after that, I would be indecisive about what to choose in the restaurant. And when I ordered a meal that was not as good as I thought it was, I became frustrated and disappointed. I would also restrict myself during the day to be able to eat more in the restaurant.

When I am in a BE mode, I (my lower brain) feel so compelled, excited at the idea of eating without limit. On the other hand, I will feel horrible after a binge. Physically, I feel bad, and couldn't do anything for the rest of the day. I couldn't be physically in shape for the next days too.

There were times where I wonder if I would die one day of BED. Mentally and emotionally, I would feel regret, worthless, unproductive, and useless as a person. I typically BE alone at home between the end of class in the afternoon and before my boyfriend came back from his job. I will especially feel so bad and worthless for him to come home to a girlfriend who just eat. It impacted also my social life and my studies. I will procrastinate on my school work, and lower my standard and effort. There are many social opportunities with friends I cancelled, classes I skipped, or work days I missed because I want to BE or feel bad the day after a binge. There is a lot of things I enjoy that I just don't "feel" like doing anymore, things as simple as taking a walk with my boyfriend in our neighborhood. In beginning of 2018, there was a day I told myself I cannot continue like that because I could see myself handicapped with this BED for my whole life, living miserably.

I know I have potential and dreams I want to achieve, so I reached out for help to Lydia's team by scheduling a breakthrough session.

After the program, I feel so much better around food. First, I don't BE anymore, and even if I do in the future, it won't be a big deal because I have the tools to bounce back quickly.

It is incredible to realize that I don't even want the thing that bring me #1 pleasure before. I restrict much less than before, and if even I do restrict, I can spot the restriction chatter and quickly have clarity around that.

Being in the program made me realize how miserably hungry I was before because of all the restriction (to not gain weight), so I am really happy now. I am also able to truly eat what I want and rediscover my taste around food.

Before, I would eat things because they are low in calories or feel pressured to finish food before they go bad in the fridge. Also, I thought I really love dessert and ice cream, but now that I truly allow myself to eat everything, I am not as crazy about sugar as I once was.

As for my body, it became a reliable partner for me because I can trust its hunger and fullness signal, and my metabolism came back too. I started to see myself differently. There was one day I looked myself in the mirror and thought: "maybe I am prettier curvier" (I loved that new appreciation).

Lydia was amazing in teaching us these principles that even made us change our attitude in life. I feel positive about situations I would normally beat myself up before.

Finally, the most important thing I walk out from the program with is gaining trust in myself (feeling of empowerment), knowing that whatever happens in life, I have the tool to be free at anytime.



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K's Story of Freedom

I tried so many diets in my life since I was a teenager.

I wanted to be thin and I was obsessed with food and rules about what to eat and which food is bad. But after a while I always rebelled against those restrictive rules and so I binged.

The binge phases became longer and longer until I got physical symptoms after I had binged that really scared me. I felt totally out of control, just stuffing food (especially sweets) into my mouth. I felt lost, doomed. And I was afraid I could pass this behaviour on to my daughter by being a bad example for her. I also imagined getting a severe illness because of all that unhealthy stuff. That was terrible! I wasted much time with bingeing and feeling stuffed and being unable to do anything but lying on my bed or on the couch.

Because of the Beat the Binge Program I know what to do with the urges to binge now. And these principles are easy. I don't feel out of control and doomed any longer. I still overeat from time to time but that's okay for me.

I started to accept the fact that my way to eat will never be perfect. And that's fine, that means more fun and freedom. No calorie counting or strict rules any longer. In the past I thought that I needed strict rules. Now I don't let others dictate what and when to eat. That's my decision because this is my life!

I also began to accept my body just the way it is. That's not easy, but it's getting easier. Giving up the diet mentality and working on body positivity are important issues in this program - for a good reason.

Now I feel better. The physical symptoms of eating so much unhealthy stuff, especially sweets, are almost gone completely. I also have more time and mental energy for other things which are important in my life.

K's Story of Freedom!

I struggled with an eating disorder for 20+ years. I started my first diet when I was 12 yrs old b/c I wanted to look like the models in “Teen” magazine. In addition, I was bullied and had horrible self-esteem. Together, it was the perfect storm for an eating disorder.

I spent the next 20 years, starving, binging, over-exercising, and being MASSIVELY depressed. I’ve spent probably over $200K on food, medical expenses, diet programs, supplements, gym memberships and clothes, all to support my disorder.

I used to go to the grocery store everyday, sometimes twice a day b/c I would eat all of my kids’ food before they came home from school. I would have to make a second trip to the store before they came home.

I’ve seen dozens of doctor and therapists. Along with that, I’ve have been prescribed dozens of medication and struggled with horrible hormonal imbalances. I’ve been diagnosed with infertility, adrenal fatigue, major depression, osteopenia, insomnia, IBS and I have been rushed to the ER twice for A-fib that results in me being cardioverted. The list goes on and on.....

My eating disorder has ruined multiple romantic relationships, one being a marriage. I’ve lost a ton of friendships as well. I’ve ruined vacations, dates, events, etc because of my binging/restricting and/or feeling fat and bloated. Regardless of my weight, I always felt hated my body.

My eating disorder occupied 90% of my time and thoughts. I have never held a full-time job because I couldn’t manage both career and eating disorder. I missed out on countless opportunities with my children, who have been greatly impacted by my eating disorder.

After working with Lydia, I have my life back! I do not have an eating disorder. I am a completely different person. Even though I never told anyone about this program, everyone can see a difference in me.

I don’t feel chained down and controlled by an eating disorder.

Just a few weeks into the program, I really started to grasp the fact that I didn’t have to believe my thoughts. It was like a light bulb went off and I couldn’t unsee it. I shattered my scale and stopped counting calories/macros. I started binging less and less.

I don’t love my body and that’s ok. I do, however, accept my body. I work on my body image issues everyday and am making progress day by day.

Now, I eat whatever I want every day. I don’t obsess over food and I stopped making daily trips to the grocery store. I have so much time to do the things I love and I am working more hours at work.

My relationships with my partner and my children have greatly improved. Mostly, because I am happier, have more energy and time, and can think clearer.

After spending years and years in therapy, I am shocked that I could be cured in 8 short weeks.

After week one of the program, I understood why I was binging/restricting. The remaining weeks, I spent practicing the principles to stop the behaviors. Slowly, week by week, I saw less binging and restricting.

One of my favorite parts of the program was the community of women. It is awesome to be a part of a group who knows exactly what you are going through. I could tell them my darkest eating disorder secrets and never once felt judged. Also, Lydia was with me throughout the entire program. I could reach out to her anytime of the day and she was always there to support me.

The live Q & A sessions were also a huge help. Hearing the questions and concerns that other women had, really added to my recovery.

Now, since I have so much time and energy, I want to improve other areas of my life. I didn’t even notice that my relationship with my partner had room for improvement. Now, I can work toward building an even better relationship. I also want to work more on my career and possibly find some hobbies and volunteer opportunities.

The possibility are endless. It’s great to be free!!!


E's Story of Freedom!

Thank you so much for all your help. I think you may have cured me! I haven’t binged since I began the course with you. I was overeating for a while and I felt the strain of it on my body, but I told myself to be patient and that it was perfectly normal to allow my body to feel its way through this massive change. It felt right somehow and made sense that my body would need time to feel its way back to “normal” eating; and it did. I don’t even know when it happened. It was so gradual and natural. I can now hear what my body is telling me. I eat when I’m hungry, stop when I’m full and eat whatever I want! Not surprisingly, the foods my body wants most are fruits and veggies. I don’t feel deprived. I don’t feel like I’m restricting in any way. It feels natural and I believe I’m losing weight. I honestly don’t know, since I don’t weigh myself anymore, but my clothes feel looser and I feel better in my own skin. Does that make sense?

I barely have any stress around food. On the odd occasion that some chatter might pop up, because I understand what the chatter means, I can deal with it very quickly.

I’m happy. I feel healthier and my mood is steadier. I sleep better, I have tons of energy and I feel more mentally alert. That heavy sluggish feeling I had when I was binging and overeating is gone.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. You are my angel. I’m so happy I found you and finally received the right type of help.

I have some health issues, but whereas before being ill would’ve meant binging or overeating to comfort myself; I no longer use food for comfort in that way. It’s strangely liberating.

I’m reading more and I’m writing again! Two of my joys. I’m living life and find myself busier than I’ve been in years and now I have the energy to keep up!

I would recommend your course to absolutely everyone. It works! You have to put the work in and learn to be compassionate and patient towards yourself, but confronting the chatter works 100%!

I honestly cannot thank you enough.

- E

Holiday Helps #4 - A Resolution Revolution!

Losing weight is a resolution that many of us make year after year. Do you wonder why that is? The promise always made and never kept?

Something has to be off right? Did you know that one of the biggest indicators of long term weight gain is restrictive dieting?

Yup. So I call for a Resolution Revolution. Having the kind of changes that are life-long. At a brain level.

And I have a HUGE announcement....

(but first...here are a few helps to kick off the new year)


I am inviting you to DO SOMETHING REAL about it.

That THIS can be the year that you are finally done with your food struggles.

And WE can make the change in person!

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Holiday Helps #3 - Other. People.

Getting together with the fam or friends isn't always a great experience. Especially when they don't understand your struggle with food. And super especially when they "want to help" and end up making things worse.

Here are some quick helps that can make all the difference.

Here is how to keep your brain steady even when surrounded by people:

And some tips on how to ask others to support you in a way that actually helps:

Holiday Helps #2 - Back to the Basics

Sugar everywhere, free food up the wazoo, parties and events...it's actually an amazing time to practice the basics of freedom.

Do you know what they are? Here is a little review. The basics are all you need to get your brain back.

ps, If you want to practice with real people pop over to our facebook support group.

pps, Or snag a free session with our team. We still have a few openings this week. Book HERE.

Holiday Helps #1: You Are Not Alone

The most horrible Christmas of my life was because of my eating disorder (see video below).

And it's amazing to me how much things can change when we change our brain. I have zero fear of the holidays, of the food, or of binge eating. Food is just not a big deal.

But it wasn't always that way. And please know that I have seen hundreds of people have this same journey. From food prison to total freedom.

Anyone can be free. But know if you are struggling, you are not alone. You are not the only one.

And you are not crazy. Sometimes our brain gets off with food and then we are in a cycle. But it can be broken.

Here is your first collection of "holiday helps" videos:

ps: If you want some additional support, be sure you are part of our facebook support group.

pps: Or snag a free session with our team. We have openings even during the holidays. We know it can be a rough time. Book your session here!

M Testimonial

My history of disordered eating began when I was young. I have a strong memory of my 5-year-old self eating peanut butter sandwich after peanut butter sandwich, asking my mom for “one more please!” I have always loved food, and growing up, I was always tall and skinny. I was self-conscious throughout grade school that no matter how hard I tried, I could not gain weight.

When high school hit, I was finally able to keep some weight on my bones. Part of me was intrigued by my new curves, but I decided I needed to get skinny again.

I played sports year-round in high school. In efforts to stay in shape, I started to run the 7 mile route to my house after school. I religiously counted calories, and never ate more than 2,000 a day. With my excessive exercise, I quickly dropped a lot of weight. By my senior year, my face was gaunt and I felt victoriously in charge of food. Although I still ate quite a lot, my food was nutrient-dense and low in calories, and my active lifestyle required more energy.

When I got to college, my disordered eating habits increased. I have a vivid memory of myself sitting alone in my apartment, stirring a bulk, Costco-sized jar of peanut butter. I ate spoonful after spoonful, until I felt so sick I had to lie on the floor and cry. My large appetite was a joke among my friends, and I was only able to laugh along because I maintained my thinness by overexercising.

A few years later, I graduated and was about to begin my career. I lived with my sister for a month before beginning my job, and while she was work, I raided her fridge and pantry, eating for hours every morning after the house was empty. I felt so angry, frustrated, and disgusting that I literally prayed to die. I tried in vain to get myself to throw up, but I never had success. I continued to wrestle with food over the months and years that followed.

The worst weight swing took place a few years ago. I went on a vegan, nutrient-dense diet and trained for a half marathon. Eating about 1500 calories a day and running on average 7 miles a day, I quickly shed the weight. I was positively reinforced by those around me, and my pants literally fell off of me. I loved the look of my thin face and flat stomach, but I had a never-ending, gnawing hunger.

I moved across the country and a switch flipped. I started binge eating on peanut butter and chocolate chips and stuffed huge amounts of “healthy” foods down my throat every day. In just a few months, I gained 30 pounds. I was mad, disgusted, and wanted to escape my body. Every day, I weighed myself and was full of frustration that my weight only crept up, despite “clean eating” and exercise.

The weight loss that seemed so effortless a few months before was now impossible. I was a slave to my eating habits and compulsions. I tried diet plan after diet plan, vowing that each one would be “the one.”

Although I occasionally lost a few pounds, it felt like I was white knuckling everything to do with food. I continued to battle cravings and urges, and I overate and overate...the pounds creeping on steadily each week.

Then I joined Lydia’s program.

Lydia was super kind, encouraging, and knowledgeable! She made the program easy and gave us all of the tools we need to succeed.

After the program, I don’t have to eat clean. Although I’ve found that I feel better when I eat whole foods that are nutrient rich, I no longer count calories or obsess over macronutrients.

Eating “perfectly” used to stress me out daily, especially during social situations.

Now I can go out to restaurants with friends and order whatever looks good. I can leave food on my plate and not worry that I’m wasting food.

I can come home from hanging out with friends late at night and not go straight to my fridge for a “little snack.”

I appreciate my body so much more, even though it is bigger than it was in the past. I am realizing more and more that my worth is not my weight.

I understand and love that I can eat whatever I want, whenever I want, wherever I want, and that restriction only leads to binging later on.

This process is easy. Lydia breaks it down into manageable steps and clearly explains the neuroscience behind her principles. I think I wanted the solution to be hard and difficult because my life struggle has been so hard and difficult. However, I am so grateful that my mind and habits can be altered painlessly. My eating habits were the result of lifelong habits and choices and negative thoughts. Lydia helped me recognize these thoughts and cast them aside by calling out the chatter, and the program has empowered me to make the decisions that I WANT to make.

-Graduate of the Beat The Binge program